About us

Company Description

"LalaQueen aims to provide a sustainable brand that compliments the global demand on maintaining and protecting natural resources. We target progressive women who are influential in making a difference in todays changing market."

LaLaQueen is a contemporary fashion label that specializes in handcrafted leather handbags.

 LaLaQueen bags have been featured in local and international titles such as British Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, and Grazia IT. Our Dr. Bag has also been spotted on the ever so glamorous Amal Alameddine.

Most of the raw material is ethically sourced and hand made by local skilled artisans to support the families of the local community in Lebanon.

 The design viewpoint is “Timeless” ”Sophisticated” and “Simple”. Commitment to quality is an asset to LaLaQueen.. In some collections color tones are mixed together in different proportions for vibrancy and fun. Narrating the stories of the past the present and the future...

We also love to collaborate with professional artists for various creative projects. So if you are one, we would love to hear from you.


Founder Bio

Hello, My name is Sally Sarieddine.
(yes my real name is Sally). I was born in a festive month and this explains my festive spirit.
I am driven by my curious nature, and fueled by passion. When I stop, I breathe deeply and respect the diverse expressions of life and the endless opportunities that life has to offer. My inspirations come from complex thoughts and ideas that are expressed in a simple, soft and powerful way. I love to read, travel, and have experiences with extra ordinary people and nature I use my imagination to weave stories in my mind and connect dots in my head. My family, and my friends are my compass in life.

I graduated with a BA in communications arts (radio TV, Film) from the Lebanese American University, During my university years i got involved in Theatre. As I was directing and producing a play in 2004 I met a person that inspired me to meditate. (I have been meditating since). On a whim I decided to leave the job I had at the time as an assistant director in a local TV station and move to Dubai.

Being in the land of opportunities I found a Job in the satellite broadcasting industry. 11 months later the universe gave me another opportunity to work as a PR executive in an investment company. It paid well. I didn’t know what I was doing. I got fired 6 months later. Positive side of the story, I had the opportunity to go to London and do my Masters in Marketing. After that I moved back to Dubai and got a job in Advertising. Realizing that this is not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life I decided to resign and take a break. This is when I signed up for fashion design courses in Central Saint Martins in London.

Realizing my creativity I wanted to create a piece of art that embodies my personal message to the world. A Dr. Bag, Why a Dr. Bag? Because I am also an energy healer and I want to bring back healing into fashion. Fashion is an expression, and everything a person expresses ripples out to the world and has an immediate effect on the environment. So by bringing this into awareness, I want to encourage people to be mindful and express them selves responsibly, and take up their own challenge to leave a sweet piece of themselves in the world they live in. Makes sense?.