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Our products are made in Lebanon, with 100% genuine cow leather. 
The leather and color is dyed naturally and has an oily finish.

Size:  Large

          L=33cm;   H=39cm; W=16.5cm;

Adjustable/removable back pack leather strap

            L=100cm;   W=3cm;

Leather handgrip

            L=14cm;   W=4cm;

Brass Metal clasp

            L=31cm;   H=3.5cm;  W=4cm;

Interior pockets

  2 x multi-function pockets   L=11.5cm;   H=11cm

  2 x in card holders   L=9.5cm;   H=7cm;

  1 x mobile phone pocket   L=9cm;   H=11cm

Exterior pockets

   2 x sides magnet clip pockets   L=14cm;   H=14cm

   2 x vertical zip pockets   L=11cm;   H=13cm

   1 x large front zip pocket   L=18cm; H=20cm


L=length  H=height  W=width

Color: Camel


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