• Dr. Bag

    Inspired by a real Dr.'s Bag found on a treasure hunt in Florence; the “Dr. Bag” aims to bring back healing into fashion. Available in plain, striped or Polka Dot; the vibrant colors coupled with genuine and naturally dyed leather is a timeless handcraft made to age gracefully.

  • The Curve

    The "Curve Collection" is a luxurious revisit of the old school brown paper lunch bag. However this lunch bag-inspired clutch may not be fit to carry a nutritious meal but it does complement any day-to-day looks. It is available in Large and Mini to pack up nice memories day or night and during any occasion. 

  • La by LaLaQueen
  • Moon

    “The Moon is magic for the soul and light for the senses”.

    Inspired by the lunar cycle, “The Moon” is handcrafted with genuine naturally dyed leather to sprinkle some magic and accompany you throughout the emotional cycles of life after all as Khalil Gibran says "We are all like the bright moon, we still have our dark side".

  • Capsule

    The "Capsule Collection" includes timeless pieces that never fail to create wonder once spiced up with seasonal pieces. Simple and versatile, these items are available in a limited edition. 

  • Geometric

    The "Geometric Collection" is inspired by Crystals that are a source of magic and wonder.

    Crystals have long been used as a healing power for they transmit energy and shine from within. Our Geometric formation will bring a transcendent energy and a unique flare to your wardrobe. Available in plain colors and patterns all naturally dyed on genuine leather.

  • The Lifestyle

    Fashion is a lifestyle, it expresses your surroundings and that is unique. When it comes to the "Lifestyle Collection", the name says it all, this collection aims to fit seamlessly with your daily routine. 

  • ESMOD X LaLaQueen

    LaLaQueen has teamed up with Esmod Dubai on an educational design partnership which resulted in an exclusive capsule collection designed by three students from the French Fashion Institute.

  • Clutches
  • Accessories

    Create your own style, accessorize your look with these genuine leather handmade accessories. 

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Showing 1 - 6 of 43 items