Dr. Grace (Brown and White)


Dr Grace 
Architected curves that stand strong, it’s simple with a sense of lightness and elegance. It features a fold top cover with detachable/ adjustable leather straps.
Handcrafted genuine leather bag by skilled local artisans.

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products are made in Lebanon, with 100% genuine cow leather. 
The leather and color is dyed naturally and has an oily finish.

Size: Medium

   L=32cm; H=18cm; W=10cm

Adjustable/removable cross body leather strap

   L=123cm; W=3cm;

Adjustable/removable back pack leather strap

  L=123cm; W=3cm;

Leather handgrip

   L=24cm; W=3cm;

Metal clasp

   L=27.5cm; H=10cm; W=3.5cm;

Interior pockets

   2 x credit card holders L=11cm; H=7cm

   1 x mobile phone pocket L=11cm; H=11cm;

   1 x zip pocket L=18cm; H=11cm;

Color: Crown and White